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Sex Has Many Health Benefits, Here Are Six

Sex is one of the most enjoyable perks of life, which you can arguably never have enough of! But sex is not just a means for reproduction and pleasure, it actually provides many health benefits to both men and women. The following are six of the most notable pro-health benefits of sexual activity.

1. Burns Calories

Sex can be considered an exercise. You can burn about 500 calories in one hour of sex, more or less depending on the activity.

2. Relives Pain

Want an effective and natural pain killer without annoying side effects? Try sex! It stimulates the release of chemicals that reduce pain in the body. Works for headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, etc.

3. Ups Your Natural Body Defenses

Research found that people who have sex at least once a week are less likely to get sick. Sexual activity enhances your immune system and increases its ability to fight off viruses and disease-bearing germs.

4. Improves Circulation

During sexual arousal, your heart rate increases and blood vessels expand to allow more blood to flow throughout the body. The circulation boost is good for your heart, brain and the whole body.

5. Reduces Stress and Depression

Emotional and physical intimacy with your life partner releases brain chemicals that improve mood and lessen stress. People who have sex more often are usually happier and less depressed.

6. Makes Your Skin Glow

As sexual activity pumps up your circulation, more oxygen and nutrients reach the outer layers of your skin improving its health and looks. Frequent sex improves skin quality and hydration.