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Best Male/Penis Enhancement Supplements Worth A Shot

Best Male/Penis Enhancement Supplements

Let me start this article with my usual rant! You may skip it and go straight to the best supplements section.

The Scammy Industry of Male/Penis Enhancement

Of all the shady and sleazy supplement markets on the Internet, the male enhancement, or penis enlargement, market is right at the top of the list!

This is a very attractive niche to online scammers for a couple of reasons. First, there is a whole profit-driven subculture on the Internet promoting the pseudoscience of male/penis enhancement products. And second, there are many men out there who are insecure enough to ignore their common sense and the obvious red flags, and still willing to spend hundreds of dollars on manhood-boosting products with tall claims.

Each year, millions of dollars go into the pockets of scammers who push mislabeled, overpriced male supplements under some amazing claims that are either overblown or downright false.

The truth is, almost all of the supplements sold for male enhancement or penis enlargement are more of a total waste of money than anything else! I am talking about those "scientifically proven", multi-ingredient supplements that are sold under a fancy brand name, neat design and a whole lot of rave reviews from "real" and "satisfied" customers!

FACT: In case you have been misinformed about penis enlargement pills by other websites, let me reassure you that there is absolutely no herbal compound, natural ingredient or drug that will make your penis grow bigger. Penis growth pills are all pure scams, and their so-called "science" only fools suckers!

Avoid The Worthless, Overhyped Brand Formulas

Many male enhancement companies and/or their highly paid affiliate "reviewers" invest massive amounts of time and money creating a huge hype and fake reviews on hundreds of websites to promote their products. They can afford that because some of the top affiliates in this niche make $10,000+ in commissions each month.

Again, this is one hell of a sleazy market dominated by fortune hunters selling crappy products. There are epic amounts of BS and deceptive/disguised marketing in this industry that makes it a very challenging task to tell which products may be worth trying and which are a guaranteed rip-off.

So, what I'd urge you to do is to avoid all those magic formulas and "breakthrough" male supplements often marketed on Amazon and review websites. It's so easy to buy fake Amazon reviews, and most of the "review" websites are run by affiliates posing as honest and unbiased reviewers.

Instead, you should build your own male enhancement stack based on your own research and experience, and using generic/bulk supplements. That's the best way to test and find supplements that actually work for you without spending a fortune trying many rubbish brand formulas.

And that is what this article could help you accomplish. So without further ado, let's get to it!

5 Powerful Generic Male Enhancement Supplements

The following are five of the best and most powerful natural supplements that are a must-try for any man seeking better and "harder" sexual performance using products that are affordable and available over the counter.

1. L-Citrulline (Circulation Booster)

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L-citrulline is an amino acid which when metabolized yields another amino acid called L-arginine, and this gets converted into nitric oxide. The latter functions as a vasodilator resulting in dilated blood vessels and improved blood flow. However, since it gets circulated throughout the body, only a small percentage of it reaches the penis, and so one has to consume a large dose to notice a different in erection rigidity.

Both L-citrulline and L-arginine are used to increase blood flow, and they are taken for heart health, body building and sexual enhancement, among other uses. L-citrulline supplementation yields a higher bioavailability of l-arginine than l-arginine supplementation, so it can be more effective at lower doses. Both compounds work for most people, so you can try either one or both.

L-arginine is a common ingredient in male enhancement formulas, however, most multi-ingredient supplements only provide a very small dose of l-arginine (around 500mg), which probably won't have any noticeable effect on most users. The effective dosage varies for each individual, but you will probably have to take upwards of 1,000mg (1g) to even start noticing a difference. L-arginine is commonly taken in doses as high as 5-10g.

For erectile dysfunction, the recommended dosage of L-citrulline is 1,000mg taken three times a day.

Safety note: You should be very careful with dosing L-citrulline and L-arginine if you take nitrates or other drugs that lower blood pressure or increase blood flow (like Viagra). The combination may drop your blood pressure to a dangerously low level.

2. Pine Bark Extract (Circulation Enhancer)

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Pine bark extract contains natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that have been shown to help improve blood flow.

The extract is available under a brand name called Pycnogenol, which is used for many health issues, including circulation problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, cognitive impairment, sexual dysfunction, allergies, muscle soreness, and others.

One study found that a combination of L-arginine (1.7g/day) and pine bark extract (Pycnogenol: 80-120mg/day) significantly improved erectile function in men with ED, and the combo was more effective than L-arginine on its own.

While the Pycnogenol brand is quite pricey, the same active ingredient (pine bark extract) can be bought in generic form for a fraction of the price.

The recommended dose of pine bark extract is 50-100mg, two to three times a day.

3. Maca Root (Libido Booster)

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Maca root is a widely used herbal aphrodisiac for both men and women. Although the clinical evidence is very limited, maca is one of the most highly praised natural libido boosters, and most men seem to have experienced positive results with it.

Scientific studies showed promising results regarding the use of maca for sexual and erectile dysfunction.

Maca is also a common ingredient in male enhancement supplements, but it is often way underdosed.

The recommended daily dose of maca root powder is 1,000mg to 3,000mg.

4. Tongkat Ali (Testosterone and Potency Enhancer)

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Tongkat Ali, aka Long Jack, is a plant native to several Southeast Asian countries, where locals have been using it in traditional medicine for centuries. It has several medicinal uses, but it is most commonly known as a natural aphrodisiac that can heal sexual dysfunction in men.

There is some clinical evidence that Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) can slightly improve erectile function, libido and sperm motility. Tongkat Ali is also believed to increase testosterone levels. In one clinical study, it effectively helped men with low testosterone get it back to normal levels. However, there is no evidence that it boosts testosterone in men who already have normal levels of the hormone.

The recommended daily dose of Tongkat Ali powder ranges from 100mg to 400mg daily.

5. Horny Goat Weed (Erectile and Sexual Enhancer)

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Well, if this folk name sounds a little silly to you, the scientific name of this plant is Epimedium. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine as an herbal remedy for impotence.

When scientifically studied, it was shown that this herb contains a compound called icariin: a PDE5 inhibitor that works similar to Viagra and other ED drugs. However, icariin has a relatively much weaker effect.

There aren't any human studies that evaluate the efficacy of horny goat weed for erectile enhancement, but there are plenty of anecdotal experiences suggesting it may be helpful for some men with low sexual potency.

The effective dosage of horny goat weed in humans has not been clinically established. The extract (40% icariin) is taken in doses ranging from 100mg up to 1,500mg.

Where to Buy These Supplements From?

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Affiliate disclosure: The links to the BulkSupplements website listed in this article are my affiliate links. I do get commissions from them for each sale (at no additional cost to you). If you found this article helpful, it would be appreciated if you click through my affiliate links.