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[2019] X4 Labs Extender Review: Bigger Dick Or Cheap Trick?!

X4 Labs Anniversary Comfort Edition Package

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UPDATE: Due to increasing number of consumer complaints about poor after-sales customer service, I no longer recommend the X4 Labs extender. It looks like once the purchase is made, you may have a hard time trying to get any response from their support.

There are many reports of shipping problems and complicated refund process made worse by non-responsive customer service. You can read the complaints at Pissed Consumer.

You probably wish you had a bigger "talent" to trot out in the bedroom! Well, pretty much every man out there has the same wish, and the market is full of products of all sorts that promise to fulfill this dire manly desire.

One of those "penis enlargement" products is the X4 Labs penis extender system, which you may have heard about on a web forum, review website, or an advertisement.

X4 Labs is one of the oldest penis extender brands on the market with contrasting positive and negative reviews. And if you are wondering whether it is worth the investment or not, you are in the right place for a factual answer.

This is a detailed review of X4 Labs where I'll try to explain everything you should know about this product before being suckered into buying something you later regret.

What Is This Enlargement Contraption Anyway?

A penis extender, traction device, or stretcher is a type of penis enlargement device that works as the name suggests, i.e. it extends or stretches the penis by applying a constant, gentle (or at least it is supposed to be!) pulling force on the shaft.

This technique, while not widely supported by medical professionals, has been clinically studied and actually proven to work. It's been even featured on popular news websites, like The Daily Telegraph.

How Does It Increase Penis Size?

The continuous traction force the device applies on the penis prompts penile tissue to expand and grow. Traction therapy technique utilizes the natural ability of the body to adapt to external stimulation, and so in response to the pulling force the penis will eventually comply and expand.

That's what the theory claims, but it has not been conclusively proven in clinical trials, and there are many professionals who question the efficacy of penis extenders.

Another way the X4 Labs extender may help is by pulling out the base portion of the penis. There is a significant portion of the shaft that resides hidden inside the body, and slow traction may help bring out some of that hidden length resulting in permanent enlargement in the visible portion of the shaft.

Does It Increase Girth?

The extender device alone may only increase penile length. However, some of the packages come with a penis exercise program (DVD) called PenisAccess, which may help improve girth.

Manual penis exercises improve blood circulation and capacity of erectile tissue when performed on a regular basis, and that's how many men claim to have managed to increase their girth, but again, no scientific proof!

What is proven is that healthy and strong blood flow is the key to thicker and fuller erections, and there are various natural ways to improve your circulation.

What Results Can Be Achieved?

In the best case scenario, men who wear the device for at least 6 hours a day over a period of 6 months may see increase in length up to 1 inch (varies per individual).

Some users go to extreme lengths wearing the device 12 hours a day for a few years, and there are unproven claims of 2 and 3 inch growth. It is unlikely that you will gain such results, and it probably isn't safe to subject your penis to such prolonged stretching.

Rule of thumb: Keep your expectations low and reasonable so you won't be disappointed later! If you could gain about half an inch in length that would be success, so keep your goal within that range.

In the worst case scenario, you will just waste your money and time without gaining any noticeable results!

Does X4 Labs Really Work?

Because efficacy depends on the compliance of each individual body, no one can tell you what results you'll achieve. Some users reported gaining about an inch in length, others reported gaining less than an inch, and others didn't see any change after months of traction.

Results will vary for each user, and unfortunately it may not work for everyone. It has more to do with how positively the body responds to penile traction therapy, than with the specific product used.

If you are looking for options to enlarge your penis other than surgery, then using a penis extender - like X4 Labs - is the only method that has been clinically tested and proven to work in some cases.

It's not a fast or easy solution, but if you have some extra money and time to invest in a penis extender then it is worth giving a try.

Needless to say, other quick-fix enlargement products like pills, patches, creams, etc. will definitely not increase your size, and thousands of disappointed customers out there who fell for those scams will testify to this fact.

How To Use The Device?

X4 Labs is quite simple to use. It will probably take you a few trial and error attempts until you find the most appropriate and comfortable setting for your penis size and shape.

The package comes with usage instructions manual and DVD. The following are some basic demonstrative videos that are provided by the X4 Labs company:

How to put on the silicone harness?

How to put on the comfort strap?

How to put on the Velcro strap?

Once fastened securely around your shaft, you can hide it under loose pants. The goal is to wear the device for 6+ hours a day. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. If this is your first time using a penis extender, it can feel a bit uncomfortable at first until you get used to it.
  2. As a beginner, start by wearing it for 1 hour a day during the first week, 2 hours/day second week, 3 hours/day third week, and 4 hours/day forth week. After that you should wear it for 6-8 hours a day.
  3. Some people take one or more rest days per week. You can start by wearing it every other day, then you can proceed to wearing it 6 days a week when you are more comfortable with it.
  4. You may want to check on the little guy every hour or so. Circulation to the glans may get blocked, and you may need to remove and re-wear the device to restore circulation.
  5. You should not feel pain, numbness or any abnormality in the penis (shaft or glans). If you do, that means you're doing something wrong. Remove the device and try to figure out what you've missed.

Pros Of X4 Labs

  • Wide Range of Plans: X4 Labs comes in several packages with different extras and spare parts, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.
  • Affordable: The most basic Deluxe Edition costs $75. It's a far better deal than many other overpriced brands that don't even come with any spare parts.
  • Different Straps: X4 Labs comes with adjustable comfort straps (rubber), silicone tube harnesses, and Velcro straps. You can choose from these the most comfortable and secure fastener for you. (Note: Not all packages contain these three types)
  • Memory Foam Pads: These go between the strap and your penis skin for extra comfort and protection. A must-have in any penis extender.
  • InfiniteFit Quad Support System: This enables you to mount two similar or different fasteners of your choice for maximum comfort and secure fit. This is a unique feature of X4 Labs. (Note: This is available as an add-on)
  • Mini Quad Support: This piece is specifically designed for users whose flaccid length is below 4 inches. If this applies to you, you must add this extra part to your order. Most other devices don't fit sizes below 4 inches.
  • Wide Girth Base: The regular base of the device has a 5-inch circumference. The Wide Girth Base option has a circumference of 6.5 inches, which can be more comfortable for users with a thick penis.

Cons Of X4 Labs

  • Costly Add-Ons: There are different additional parts that aren't included in standard packages and will cost you extra money.
  • Not Easy on Returns: The company (Canada-based X4 Labs Inc) offers a 1-year money back guarantee, however, the process is lengthy and complicated. They require you to submit reports/pictures of your progress before you can request a refund to prove that you have actually used the device and it didn't work. Make sure to read their return policy carefully.
  • Sketchy Advertising: There is a never-ending "limited time" discount on their website. That "sale" countdown timer has been running for years, i.e. it is fake!
  • Dishonest Affiliate Reviews: Most penis extender review websites are run by affiliate marketers. They often pretend to be genuine consumers and claim to provide honest reviews, but many of them make exaggerated and false claims just to generate more sales. Please note that I am also an affiliate of theirs.

Bottom Like, Is X4 Labs Worth Buying?

All in all, the X4 Labs is a good product as far as commercial penis extenders are concerned. I'd give it a thumbs up for the reasonable prices compared to similar products on the market. This is one the most affordable penis extenders you can buy online, and it is functional.

X4 Labs comes with many options and spare parts you don't get with most other devices. It is a good choice for both beginners and advanced users. But remember that success in gaining results is not guaranteed since the penile traction/stretching technique does not work for everyone, regardless of the device used.

I would not count on their money-back guarantee though. They make it a complicated process by asking for photos of you using the device, and they are also known to be difficult and non-responsive when it comes to refunds, as reported by some of their customers.

Any Coupon Codes for X4 Labs?

There are often ongoing discounts on the official X4 Labs website and shop. Check it out to learn about the latest deals. They currently have an 85% discount on extender packages. It will be applied automatically at checkout so no coupon codes are required.