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SizeGenetics Extender Review: 8 Reasons It's Overrated

SizeGenetics Penis Extender System

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If you are searching review websites for a good penis extender, then you must have heard many positive things about SizeGenetics. This is one of the most popular penis extenders talked about online, but is it really the best? I'd argue that it's not! Here are 8 reasons why I think SizeGenetics is overrated and its benefits overstated.

1. It is a "Secondhand" Brand

You may not know this, but SizeGenetics is actually just a re-branded and slightly modified version of the Jes Extender. When first launched, SizeGenetics used to ship the Jes Extender device in its original box with the Jes Extender name and logo. Later, they simply took the plain Jes Extender device and packed it in their own branded box.

The ironic thing is that SizeGenetics quickly overtook the original Jes Extender in terms of popularity and sales -- thanks to their affiliate marketers, for the most part. Recently, the company behind Jes Extender (DanaMedic) has acquired SizeGenetics, finally bringing it back home.

2. Average Quality

The device and all the parts that come with it are not as superb as you'd expect after reading all the favorable reviews (see point 8). It is made out of commercial quality plastic and metal parts, which is also the case with almost all other penis extenders out there. The quality is average at best and not really impressive.

3. Overpriced for What You Get

The basic device (no extras) costs $199.95, the Comfort Package costs $249.95, and the Ultimate System costs $299.95. The latter two packages come with extra accessories and bonuses, most of which are just "fillers" that you can do without.

And you'd think for that high price it comes with complete usage instructions, but it doesn't! You'll have to figure out a lot of things on your own or seek help from other users on third-party forums.

Oh, and those are the "discounted" prices as per the "limited time" offer that never seems to expire! The countdown timer on their official website is one of the oldest marketing gimmicks. That "only a few hours left" sale has been running for years now!

4. Not as Comfortable as You'd Expect

SizeGenetics distinguish their device from competitors' with their "58 way ultimate comfort system", which is just a few extra low-end plasters/pads.

In terms of comfort, SizeGenetics is about as comfortable to wear as most similar strap-based extenders on the market that also come with some form of padding accessories. It can still get quite uncomfortable and even painful after an hour (more or less) of wearing it, and there is a risk of restricted blood flow to the glans. It can also slip off frequently.

5. Higher Tension Isn't Necessarily Better

When compared to other penis extenders, SizeGenetics take pride that their device provides 2,800 grams of tension, and there are customer complaints that the actual tension is even higher than stated. But is that really an advantage?

Definitely not! More tension does not equal more gains, but rather it can cause damage to the internal structure of your penis (tissue and nerves). Applying 2,800 grams pulling force on your penis is like hanging a weight of 2.8 kilograms (6.2 pounds) from it, which is too much for such a delicate organ.

The concept of penile traction therapy is to stretch your penis with moderate, non-painful force over a long period of time (6+ hours a day, 6+ months). The recommended tension force for new users is 500 grams, which is gradually increased to a maximum of 1,500 grams. If you think you can gain faster results by using extra tension you may regret it after (possibly irreversible) damage has been done to your organ. Go overboard with penile traction and the result may be shrinkage rather than growth!

6. Before and After Pictures Are Shady

The official website has some "real customer results" testimonials with before and after pictures. I won't say they are 100% fake, but I'm very skeptical about those photos. It's funny that most of the "after" shots are zoomed in! Also it seems to me that most of the "before" and "after" shots were taken during the same session. The least that can be said is that their authenticity is highly questionable.

7. Ridiculous Money Back Guarantee

One of the main selling points of SizeGenetics is that if it doesn't work for you within 6 months of your purchase, they will give you DOUBLE your money back! That sounds like a great deal, almost too good to be true. But wait until you learn the requirements for this "guarantee".

The first requirement is a diary that shows you have used the device for at least 5 hours daily for 4 months (120 days). This one sounds doable, at least if you haven't kept a daily usage log, you can create a fake one and send it to them, right? Well, wait for the second requirement...

The second thing they'll need from you is before and after photos of your penis next to a measuring tape while wearing the SizeGenetics device. And this requirement is outright ridiculous!

Would you really trust anyone with such private photos? These photos will be kept together with your name and other personal details, and god knows where they will end up! With all the hacking and leaking going on on the web, it would be foolish to send such photos to anyone.

In fact, the company realizes that most customers would rather swallow their loss than risk sending such photos to god knows who over the internet. So they can afford to offer this extremely generous "double your money back" guarantee!

8. Most Online Reviews Are False Ads

So, why is SizeGenetics so highly rated and top recommended then? Well, in one word, affiliates. All of the 5-star reviews of SizeGenetics (yes, ALL), which pop at the top of search results (on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) are written by affiliate marketers who receive big commissions for each sale they refer to the company's website. And, sadly, most of them have no problem lying to your face as long as that keeps the cash flowing!

There are very few websites that have objective customer reviews of SizeGenetics, and one of them is called Pissed Consumer. As the name suggests it is a non-commercial website where unhappy consumers can post complaints about companies and products they have used. Check out the SizeGenetics reviews on Pissed Consumer. The following are screenshots of some of those reviews:

Sizegenetics Customer Review

Sizegenetics Customer Review 2

Sizegenetics Customer Review 3

You can read these reviews and others on the Pissed Consumer website.

Conclusion: Is SizeGenetics a Scam?

SizeGenetics is not as great, effective or comfortable as advertised. That said, it is a functional product and you may achieve some results with it if you could figure out how to use it without proper instructions!

I wouldn't say SizeGenetics is a total scam, but it is a close call. They are OK with many of their affiliates creating fake reviews on their profit-driven SEO sites while pretending to be real, honest consumers. They care much more about making money than providing a useful product that does what it claims to do!

I hope I have provided you with a helpful and fair review. If you are buying it based on the many rave reviews and "before & after" photos, then prepare to be disappointed!

My Choice for a Penis Extender

Of all the penis extenders I've seen over the years, the one I'd argue offers the best functionality is PeniMaster PRO. This device is made and sold by a German company called MSP Concept GmbH & Co. This is also an expensive product and it may not result in significant improvement for everyone, but if you are going to buy a penis extender then this one is a better choice than most devices on the market today.

PeniMaster PRO Penis Extender and Belt

(Official PeniMaster PRO Website)

PeniMaster PRO uses a vacuum head attachment to fasten the device around the glans. This technique is comparably more comfortable and less likely to cause slippage as opposed to using a rubber strap or silicone noose.

And the best thing about PeniMaster PRO is that it offers both a rod traction device and a belt stretcher that can be used interchangeably. You can buy either one of these separately, or get them both in the complete set package.

PeniMaster PRO is a little bit trickier to put on, and as a first-time user you'll have to spend a good amount of time learning how to master the application process. The good news is that the company provides thorough instructional guides and videos that explain every part and feature of this tool. This is also a big advantage over SizeGenetics and other devices that lack proper instructions and leave users asking for help on other websites and forums.

The following video shows the rod extender, which consists of a solid base, two adjustable tension rods and the head attachment.

(Note: The video player may get a little glitchy. Give it some time to load or reload the page.)

Learn More About The PeniMaster PRO Rod Extender (Official Website)

And here you can see the belt system being applied around the hip. It can also be wrapped around the leg or shoulder. Many users prefer the belt as it is easier to wear and hide under clothes, and it allows you to stretch your penis in different directions.

Learn More About The PeniMaster PRO Belt Stretcher (Official Website)

Affiliate Disclosure: Like all other "real" and "honest" review websites out there, I am also an affiliate of both SizeGenetics and PeniMaster PRO. Despite the fact that SizeGenetics pays 50% commission per sale and PeniMaster PRO pays 25% commission per sale, my opinion is that PeniMaster PRO is a better product. It is also better than Phallosan Forte and X4 Labs, both of which pay 40% commission per sale! Don't believe me -- just take a look at their websites, use your common sense and judge for yourself!

Remember: Penile traction therapy through the use of a traction device (penis extender) is not an approved treatment for any medical condition. While some studies have shown its effectiveness in increasing penile length (up to 1 inch), many professionals still question its efficacy.

Results will vary for each individual and success in achieving gains mainly depends on your body's compliance. Some users may not be able to gain any positive results. That said, this is the only non-surgical method of penis enlargement that may work. If you'd like to give it a try, go ahead!