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PeniMaster PRO Penis Extender Review

PeniMaster PRO Rod and Belt Extender

When looking into the different non-surgical methods that are often suggested for penile enlargement, penis extenders seem to be the most reasonable and considerable. Indeed, it is the only approach to increase penis size that has been clinically tested and proven to work. Although results are generally humble and vary for each individual, extenders remain the most effective way to increase penile length.

Once you are set on trying this enlargement method, the next step will be quite thorny. And I'm talking about picking a good product. As this will be a long personal journey, you want to choose a device that is comfortable and reliable to help you achieve your desired results.

Traditionally, penis extenders come with a rubber strap or a silicone noose that is fastened around the neck of the penis to pull/stretch it out. This technique has its pros and cons, and one of the major cons is that it can be very uncomfortable and may cut off circulation in the glans, especially when worn for more than a couple of hours.

This has prompted manufacturers to innovate comfort-enhancing systems and accessories, and it lead to the introduction of a new generation of extender devices that use a vacuum head attachment to pull the penis instead of a strap or a noose, and it proved to be much more comfortable.

PeniMaster PRO was one of the first and few devices that implemented a vacuum head attachment. In this review I'll provide 5 reasons as to why I believe PeniMaster PRO is the best penis extender that money can buy.

1. High Quality

You know a cheap product when you see it, and you know a quality one. When stacked up against other popular brands, PeniMaster PRO easily comes at top in terms of the quality of the parts used to make up this apparatus.

This is still a commercial product with commercial quality, so you are not getting a medical-grade device, which is true for all other penis extenders sold on the Internet.

2. More Comfortable Than Strap Devices

Using its vacuum-sealed head attachment, PeniMaster PRO offers a more comfortable technique to stretch the penis than pulling it with a strap or noose. Circulation to the glans will also be much less restricted. No wonder many owners of strap devices are looking for vacuum-based mods to replace the original strap on their device. It's just way more comfortable and secure.

I'm not saying that you won't feel any discomfort, especially as a new user. But when compared to the harsh strap devices, PeniMaster PRO is the better option IMO.

3. No Slippage Issues

One of the most common complaints about penis extenders is that the fastener (strap or noose) keeps slipping off. This is not a concern with PeniMaster PRO's vacuum-sealed head attachment, which is much less likely to slip off and it can stay on for longer periods.

4. Two Different Ways to Wear It

PeniMaster PRO comes in two models; a rod traction device, and a belt system. You can either attach the head cap to the rod extender to stretch your penis in an upwards or downwards setting, or alternatively, you can use the belt (wrapped around the waist, knee, or shoulder) to stretch your penis sideways or in a diagonal direction.

The belt is more flexible, but if you will be moving a lot it's not going to maintain constant tension force, which may reduce efficiency. The rod device, on the other hand, is more effective since it can deliver steady tension. I think it's worth trying both methods and altering between them to find the setting that is most comfortable and effective for you.

5. Well Documented and Supported

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a new product then not knowing how to get it to work. Many companies will just ship you the parts with no instructions, and then it's your problem to figure out how to assemble and use the thing. Not PeniMaster PRO!

It may not be the easiest penis extender to learn how to use the right way, but at least it comes with full instructions, user manual in different languages, and the product's website also contains many helpful articles and videos.

PeniMaster PRO is made and sold by a company called MSP Concept GmbH & Co. KG -- based in Berlin, Germany. They have helpful and responsive customer service.

PeniMaster PRO Videos

The following are some demo video showing the application of both PeniMaster PRO rod extender and belt stretcher. You can watch more instructional videos on the official PeniMaster PRO website.

(Note: If you have problems playing the video give it some time to load or reload the page.)

Rod Extender:

Belt Extender:

Learn More About The PeniMaster PRO Extender (Official Website)